Shanghai Sichuan Restaturant Review, 天辣 .

Without further ado, I present 天辣 , one of the best sichuan restaurant I ever visited in Shanghai.

Located at Xuhui District’s 日月光广场4th Floor, just right after you exit the 打浦桥 station.

It was 10:30 AM when we arrived and it’s still quite empty , so we hastily requested to get seated and ordered their signature dish , 功夫水煮牛肉 or the water boiled sliced beef.

Next, 石锅生烹牛蛙

Then.. since my wife is craving for some squid, she ordered the 铁板鱿鱼须

Lastly, the 花生绵绵冰 , For dessert, of course

…and another helping of grilled bullfrog!!!

So, how does it fare ?

功夫水煮牛肉, exactly how I was expecting it,.. The moment the oil was poured into the dish, the fragrance of sesame and sichuan peppercorn swooped us away. It was delightful! The meat was tender and slippery; The coarse texture of the slices also provided a wonderful chewing experience. It was a very well made dish.

石锅生烹牛蛙 , To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but, that’s a good thing. It blew us away on our first bite! The meat is succulent, the chilli oil, while looked intimidating was actually pretty tame and provided the perfect kick for the frog meat.

铁板鱿鱼须 , squid on a hotplate… while not as interesting as the previous two dish. The squid itself is outstanding, it retains the elasticity of a freshly prepared squid and the elasticity is just right. The spiciness compliments well with the overall saltiness of the dish.

The Grilled/fried bullfrog leg? Crispy on the outside , succulent on the inside!! perfect for mid dining snack.

花生绵绵冰, it’s like eating cotton (hence the name)!!! not too sweet and definitely a perfect dish to end our brunch!

Overall, This is one of the best Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant that we ever had (in Shanghai)..

Pricing was fine, I think we spent about 300 RMB on the above’s dish but it was well worth it!

If you ever had the chance to try this restaurant in Shanghai, try it!!

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