BOOTLEG Coarsetoys review

Disclaimer note : This is a repost of my old post dated back on 2016. This post’s main purpose is to learn the differentiate between the original and bootleg omens.

For most urban/art toys collector out there, Coarse should be a familiar brand , with it’s clean , slick and minimalist yet detailed design, most hardcore urban toys collector should have at least one of it’s toy.

I first knew about Coarse during my time of collecting Android Mini series, at that time, I thought their design is too grim and doesn’t suit my style  ( Read : Price too high ).

But as time goes by, my interest on their Subject grows (Read : Budget increased ), it was around that time when they announced the Souls Gone Mad…

And that’s when my addiction to their Omen started… which is now…*almost” completed..

So, few months ago, during my toy hunt in Taobao (The chinese equivalent of ebay), I stumbled upon these counterfeit/bootleg Omen.

My first reaction was… wow, WTF? I never realized there would be  a bootleg of the omens.. considering Coarse’s  reputation..

So, I ordered those…after a lot of thinking that I might be making a huge mistake.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, the omens finally arrived…

In fact, it arrived almost a month ago..and I just got the chance to properly unbox it…

So, for starter, I ordered 3 of them….just for this review purpose only….

I chose the 8 inch Omen Blush, because it’s the most obvious one, so far there’s no 8″ Omen Blush..and of course, not to overspend on bootlegs…

FYI, They also provide the Blackout (albeit with a different shade of gold on the face) and Orb ; for the 8 Inch.

For the 3 inch, they have all the normal release ones and mini pain.

So, first things first…the packaging…

As you can see, the packaging is very neat…Embossed on the top, just like the original!

There’s a discoloration compared to the original packaging..

No Hologram found on the bottom part of the packaging..

and for those who bought the original ones, they’ll notice that the box should feature two different colorway omen image on the front and back side of the box , they shouldn’t repeat the same colorway omen on two sides.

So, let’s see what’s inside

Now…As you can see, instead of packaged in a foil packaging, the omens are packaged in a plastic that states : “made in china”

For the 8 inch omen, they provided foams (is that even the correct term?) for protection, just like the original one!

Please be noted that the box quality isn’t as good as the original ones and the protective foam’s quality is different (lower) than the original one..

So, let’s get into the real matter… the quality of the omen… For this part I only took the 8 inch omen photos..

As you can see… there are a few defects…so QC is definitely a no no…just look at that belly…

Paint job, while it’s almost perfect, there are some rough edges to be found, Minor, but still …acceptable…

They even had the courtesy to put “coarse” on the feet… so, kudos to them….

The mold used for the omen seems genuine though…We’ll get to it later on…

The height of the omen is identical as the original one…

One major flaw is that… the legs are not attached properly, they are unbalanced when put on display, which is a common problem that’s usually seen in mini omen.

Oh, did I mention there are no owl feet holder on the omen mini case? there aren’t ..

I thought I took pictures on the mini omens’ detail, but I didn’t…

However, I did took a picture of them compared with the original one…side by side…so, as seen above.

Can you even tell the difference in a glance? No, not really….but if you took a closer look, you can notice that the bootlegs definitely have a worse QC.

Rough paint jobs and bad legs… other than that… it’s identical…

So… to sum it up, the TLDR version :

-Poor finishing on the bootlegs, both the paint job and attachment of the leg.

-Bad packaging/ no feet protector…but they can be deceptive for those who’s not aware…

-The mold used is identical, so no physical alteration from the original ones..

-Go buy the original one instead

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